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The First Step In Defending Yourself Against Robbery Charges

When police accuse you of theft or robbery and press charges against you, every action you take can impact the outcome of your defense. Instead of hoping for a plea deal and taking whatever comes your way, fight for your future and rights. The first step in pursuing the outcome you deserve in your case is contacting an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

At Ranney Law, our attorney has been defending clients in criminal cases for more than 15 years. You deserve the committed and skilled representation of a Texas attorney for your criminal defense needs, and that is exactly what you can expect to find at our Georgetown office.

A Strong Plan For Any Charges

Our lawyer is committed to winning our clients’ cases, no matter how challenging they may seem. We have guided clients through charges such as:

  • Theft – the non-violent taking of possessions without consent
  • Robbery – committing theft through force or the threat of force
  • Aggravated robbery – committing robbery with a deadly weapon

We know that every case we take is unique, which is why we take the time to learn about the individual details in each of them. We will explore all possible options for defending you, including defenses such as innocence, involuntary intoxication, duress and entrapment.

No matter what challenges lie ahead in your case, you can rest easy knowing we will do what it takes to fight for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Robbery Charges

Here at Ranney Law, we are dedicated to giving those facing criminal charges as much information as possible about their legal options. Below are some of the most common questions we hear about theft and the potential ramifications.

What charges come with robbery convictions?

The charges depend on the severity of the event. For instance, it is a first-degree felony if a weapon was involved, which could lead to a sentence of up to 99 years behind bars and a fine of $10,000. For a second-degree felony, which does not involve a weapon but does involve threats, the prison term could be up to 20 years, and the fine has the same top end, at $10,000. With a third-degree felony, though, the prison term could be reduced to a maximum of 10 years and a minimum of just two.

Are there any lasting consequences for robbery charges?

Yes, those faced with robbery charges could see long-term ramifications if they are convicted, especially on felony charges. Having a felony on a permanent record can make it impossible to do certain things, like purchasing firearms in Texas. It can also be a barrier to employment, it can make it harder to find a place to live, and it may even result in expulsion from college and the loss of an education. Felony charges can be life-changing, even after paying fines and serving time, which is one reason those facing such charges need to work with an experienced Georgetown robbery attorney.

What about repeat charges?

The court will consider a person’s prior criminal record when determining their sentencing. If a person has a prior felony robbery conviction – or multiple convictions – then they could receive a much harsher sentence than they would otherwise. For example, a first-degree felony can lead to anywhere from five to 99 years in jail. Someone with a prior record is more likely to get a longer sentence from the judge.

Now Is The Time To Prepare Your Defense

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