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Clearing Your Record Of An Arrest

If you were charged with a crime but not convicted, you should not have to suffer any of the consequences of a conviction. An arrest on your record can keep you from a job, home and future, even if you were acquitted or your case was dismissed. Thankfully, an expunction may be able to clear your record.

At Ranney Law, we have been serving the people of Texas with their criminal defense needs for more than 15 years. We know how damaging a criminal record can be, and we want to help you clear your name and look forward to your future.

The Expunction Process And Who Qualifies

Not everyone can clear their criminal record. If a court dropped the charges you were facing, you ultimately never faced charges after you were arrested, you were acquitted of a crime, or you received a pardon for a crime, you will likely be able to pursue an expunction.

To pursue an expunction, you will need to file a petition to have the court expunge your record and then appear in a court hearing and present your case. We can help you build a custom-tailored strategy for your case as well as put together your petition, so you can pursue your expungement with as little time and difficulty as possible.

Begin Your Pursuit Today

The sooner you reach out to our Georgetown office, the sooner you can meet with an attorney who can help you. To schedule your initial consultation with a lawyer you can rely on through your expunction process, call 512-982-1082 or email us here today. We look forward to helping you clear your record.