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Protect Your Future Against Murder Charges

Murder is just about the most severe charge that a person can face. Being convicted of murder can cost you your rights, freedom, family, career and future. The stakes almost cannot be higher than being accused of murder.

At Ranney Law, we have been providing the Austin metro with the criminal defense representation it has needed for more than 15 years. We have been able to develop a reputation of success in our community because we are committed to winning for our clients. Many, if not most, attorneys have never handled a murder case. You need an attorney with experience in dealing with a case as sophisticated and complicated as murder.

Fighting All Homicide Charges

There are many different types of murder charges that someone could face, depending on the details of their unique situation. As your legal representation, our attorney will work closely with you to develop your custom-tailored strategy against homicide charges such as:

  • Murder – the deliberate act of killing someone
  • Capital murder – killing a civil servant, a child, or multiple people
  • Manslaughter – killing someone unintentionally, often through reckless actions
  • Criminally negligent homicide – killing someone through negligence, like accidentally firing a gun, being responsible for a fatal injury and not seeking help in time, and other non-premeditated acts

Murder charges can result in a life sentence in prison without parole and thousands of dollars in fines, and because Texas is a death penalty state, your life may be on the line for capital murder charges. Even those convicted of homicide who serve their sentence and get released from prison still have a lifetime of challenges ahead of them. Instead of hoping for the best in your defense case, fight for it with us at your side.

Now Is The Time To Prepare Your Defense

If you are ready to meet with the Texas lawyer who is as committed to winning your case as you are, contact our Georgetown office today. Call us at 512-982-1082 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation and take the first step in preparing for your defense against murder charges.