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At Ranney Law, our firm has one goal for our clients: Win. Nothing matters more to us and our clients than the results of their case.

Over 2,300 Cases Defended

A Strong Defense Yields Strong Results

It’s crucial for clients facing serious criminal accusations in Texas to seek out an experienced attorney to represent them to minimize or eliminate charges entirely. Douglas Ranney has an extensive background in criminal defense. We have defended over 2,300 cases that cover various charges ranging from marijuana possession to murder and have had a high success rate. We have had over 60% of our cases end in outright dismissals and over 50 Grand Jury “No Bills” for major felony offenses.

When our clients come to us for legal advice or representation, we get straight to the point. Once we learn what they have been accused of, we help them explore all possible options and guide them toward positive outcome

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“I got arrested for the first time in my life and thought my life was ruined. Doug got it all dropped and then expunged later. Highly recommend.”

-Thomas A.

“You can tell in court who the movers and shakers are. 
I saw Ranney in action and knew he was the lawyer for me. 
It took forever because of the courts, but he kept fighting and got everything dismissed.”

-Christopher T.

Making Sure Our Clients’ Voices Are Heard

Many of our clients who were accused of a crime felt like the whole world was against them. The results of these cases drastically shape their entire future. They could have their jobs, families and livelihoods taken away from them if they are declared guilty and be forced to pay thousands in fines and spend years in jail.

Our firm makes sure our clients’ voice are involved in the path toward the outcome. We know how confusing and frustrating this process can get, so we want to provide clarity to make it easier. We work hard to make our clients’ lives better today and, most importantly, tomorrow.

We Also Help With Expunctions

Even after certain criminal charges are taken care of, it’s not easy for life to go back to the way it was before. Charges and arrests can still show up on permanent records, which can make it difficult for people who want to apply for a job and move on from the incident.

Fortunately, our firm also provides assistance with expunctions, which can remove arrests or convictions from public criminal records. If our clients’ conditions are eligible under Texas law, we can help them through the process so they no longer have this bad part of their past defining their present.

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Headshot of attorney Douglas N. Ranney
Headshot of attorney Douglas N. Ranney
Proud Member of Texas Bar College: A Professional Society of Legal Scholars