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Offering Reliable Guidance When Facing Aggravated Assault Charges

When an altercation between two parties escalates to a point where an aggressor inflicts serious bodily harm on the other person or wields a deadly weapon, the aggressor will likely receive charges for aggravated assault. Texas judges take these charges seriously, and if you are facing the same charges, you need to be sure you are not taking chances with your future with the help of a Texas lawyer.

At Ranney Law, our attorney has more than 15 years of experience representing clients throughout the Austin area. When you are facing criminal charges, you can find the experienced, driven and committed representation you need at our Georgetown office. We take the time to work closely with our clients to develop custom-tailored defense strategies in their aggravated assault cases.

What Is At Stake In Your Case

Aggravated assault can be either a first or second-degree felony, depending on the details of the accusation. Regardless, with punishment ranges of five years to life in prison (1st degree) and two to 20 years in prison (2nd degree), along with fines up to $10,000, Aggravated Assault is an extremely serious offense, which requires an aggressive and thorough defense. Ranney Law has a long history of outstanding results on such cases, including many dismissals or reductions.

Exploring All Options For Defending You

Every case our clients bring to us is unique, and so is the defense strategy we build for our clients. When we review your case, we will look for opportunities to challenge factors such as proof of intent, the full extent of any injuries, the severity of any actions taken, or whether or not you were capable of causing harm. We will also consider options of negotiating for reduced charges and sentencing if we believe that is the best strategy for your defense.

Begin Preparing Your Defense

A conviction for aggravated assault can leave you with a lifetime of regret, especially if you received an outcome you did not deserve. Instead of making the mistake of representing yourself, allow us to guide you through your criminal defense case. Call us at 512-982-1082 or email us here to schedule your free initial consultation today with an attorney you can depend on.